+ How much does it cost to rent a powerbank?

The first hour is 12kr, then it is 0.25kr per minute.

+ How long does take to charge my phone?

Every phone is different. However, within 1.5 hours you should have reached an acceptable level.

+ How do I use Lectogo?

Download the app, use the map to find a station, scan the QR code, get the powerbank and charge!

+ Can I charge any phone with Lectogo?

All Lectogo powerbanks has USB-C, Micro USB and Lightning cables.

+ How many times can I charge my phone?

Each powerbank has a capacity of 5000mAh, most phones has around 3000mAh capacity, which means it can approximately charge 1.5 standard phone batteries.

+ What happens if I don't return the powerbank?

If not returned within 13.5 hours, we declare the Powerbank lost and charge you 200 SEK. Then you can return the powerbank without additional penalties. We appreciate if you do.